Land Development

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The Land Development Team at 360 Environmental provides environmental management support to land gain and manage environmental approvals required to progress and develop projects. Since 2004, our team has gained experience working on key residential, industrial, and agricultural commercial developments.

The team provides support to large and small clients including strategic planning, environmental impact assessments pre-purchase due diligence, and clearing permits, opportunities and constraints assessments and project environmental support to assist projects through the planning approval processes. Our ability to develop strategy around the approvals process can save time and cost during the planning and implementation of the development, maximising lot yields, protecting the environment and developing liveable spaces that are sympathetic, or enhance, natural capital.

We have significant experience in obtaining approvals under State and Federal environmental legislation, in particular the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (Part IV and Part V) and the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. Our in house team lead by our approvals specialists cover all environmental aspects of projects  including  urban water management, flora and fauna surveys, contamination, acid sulfate soils assessments and project offsets.

Key Projects Include:

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