Southern River

Parcel Property

360 Environmental has been a key part of Parcel Property’s residential development project in Southern River from the initial scheme amendment process to ongoing approvals and strategy.

During the project, 360 Environmental has provided information and conducted assessments of site characteristics that have contributed to support rezoning, structure planning and other processes including:

  • Flora and Vegetation Surveys
  • Fauna Surveys, including Black Cockatoo surveys
  • Urban Water Management
  • Wetland Assessment and Management

These assessments were instrumental in achieving good outcomes and updating existing databases to reflect the state of the environment within the site, this included a Negotiated Planning Solution and Wetland Reclassification.

Negotiated Planning Solution

360 Environmental successfully updated the Bush Forever boundary from highly degraded portions of the site through a negotiated planning solution, this assisted with alleviating developmental restrictions on the site.

Wetland Reclassification

360 Environmental conducted an onsite Wetland Assessment and initiated a Wetland Reclassification Request to reflect the value and condition of the wetland. The wetland within the site was successfully downgraded in 2015 from Conservation Category to a Resource Enhancement this subsequently increased the developable potential of the site.

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