Cape Lambert Facility

Rio Tinto Iron Ore

360 Environmental Pty Ltd was commissioned by Rio Tinto Iron Ore to assist with the consolidation and reporting of the Environmental Improvement Plans for Rio Tinto at Cape Lambert and Dampier.

The Environmental Improvement Plans covered a range of environmental actions including, but not limited to, waste management, rehabilitation, hydrocarbon management, water management, dust management and light management.

360 Environmental was responsible for undertaking a detailed site investigation (DSI) at the Cape Lambert Tank Farm, Former Caltex Yard and Primary Crusher and Car Dumper located at Rio Tinto’s Coastal Operations at Cape Lambert. The DSI was required to characterise the nature and extent of groundwater contamination at the sites and to determine if any unacceptable risks to human health or the environment existed in the context of the proposed future land use.  360 Environmental was also responsible for undertaking a groundwater monitoring event across the entire Cape Lambert site in 2011.

360 Environmental summarised the Environmental Improvements Plans that had been completed and recommended the remaining Environmental Improvements Plans that needed to be incorporated into future improvement plans, to ensure they were completed across all the coastal operations.

In addition to Environmental Improvements Plans, 360 Environmental also provides assistance to companies in the development of environmental and quarantine/biosecurity management systems, as well as plans and procedures for the exploration, construction, operational and closure phases of resources projects.

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