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360 Environmental Pty Ltd has been working with the Department of Housing and Satterley Property Group to undertake the environmental approvals and investigations for the Kwinana housing sites. The sites include Kwinana Town Centre, Parmelia and the Train Station Precinct. Our team has been a key part of the project team since 2005.

These three sites are over 100 hectares in size and represent a significant contribution to low cost housing in Western Australia provided by the Department of Housing. Environmental assessments were undertaken to assist in the identification of environmental opportunities and constraints associated with the sites during the early planning phases.

Our team has worked closely with planning and engineering consultants to undertake significant stakeholder engagement on the issues with regulators and local council which has led to a positive outcome for all parties. The sites required referral to Local, State and Federal agencies due to the size and significance of the impacts from the development.

The Department of Housing committed to a number of initiatives to ensure that development and environment could coexist. The offsets provided for the clearing of Black Cockatoo habitat included a significant investment in Black Cockatoo research, which will improve the understanding of the species in Western Australia and provided a manageable offset commitment to the Department for the future.

During the project 360 Environmental provided information on site characteristics including acid sulfate soils, geology, hydrogeology, flora, fauna, heritage and past land uses. We undertook a number of assessments to support the structure planning, state and federal processes which included:

  •       Flora and Vegetation Surveys
  •       Fauna Surveys, including Black Cockatoo surveys
  •       Dieback Surveys
  •       Acid Sulphate Soil and Contamination assessments
  •       Summaries of heritage listings and Aboriginal Heritage surveys; and
  •       Urban Water Management.

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