Jane Brook


360 Environmental has been a key part of the Mirvac project team from the purchase of the Jane Brook site through to the development. During the process 360 Environmental undertook a number of assessments, surveys and approvals to ensure the site was developed in a sustainable manner.

The site was covered with a significant level of vegetation, included a quarry and significant aboriginal heritage. The Mirvac teams vision for the site included a combination of small lot and rural residential style areas in order to blend into adjacent John Forrest National Park.

Our team worked closely with planning and engineering consultants to undertaken significant stakeholder engagement on the issues with regulators and local council which has led to a positive outcome for all parties. The sites required referral to Local, State and Federal agencies.

360 Environmental also undertook a significant amount of consultation with a number of Aboriginal families regarding the site and its heritage significance. The outcomes were included in design, artwork and interpretation activities along Jane Brook.

During the project 360 Environmental provided information on site characteristics including acid sulfate soils, geology, hydrogeology, flora, fauna, heritage and past land uses.  We undertook a number of assessments to support the structure planning, state and federal processes which included:

  •       Flora and Vegetation Surveys;
  •       Fauna Surveys, including Black Cockatoo surveys;
  •       Land Capability Assessments;
  •       Contamination assessments; and
  •       Ongoing water quality monitoring.

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