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The North West Shelf of WA is an extensive oil and gas region off the North West Australia coast in the Pilbara region. It has a considerable number of oil and gas wells, pipelines, production areas and support facilities.  One of the best known of these is the Gorgon, an A Class Nature Reserve located approximately 70km off the north-west coast of WA.

Chevron Australia Pty Ltd is the operator and proponent for both the Approved Gorgon Gas Development and the Revised Gorgon Gas Development Proposal.

The Approved Development consists of a range of both offshore and onshore components to recover gas from the Gorgon gas field west of Barrow. The process includes the greater gas fields being shipped as Gas Treatment Plants on Barrow Island. The main changes of the Approved Development include:

  • Addition of five million tonnes per annum liquefied natural gas train, increasing the number of trains from two to three in order to generate more gas in a rapidly growing global energy market.
  • Changes to the Reservoir Carbon Dioxide Injection System to allow an increased injection rate associated with the addition of one liquefied natural gas train, increasing the number of injection wells and surface drill centre locations.
  • Revision of the causeway and the Materials Offloading Facility designed to access deeper water to avoid hard rock material and the need for an extensive drilling and blasting program.

360 Environmental has been involved with the Gorgon Project since 2009 having been involved in a number of aspects of the project, including:

  • Saipem Leighton Consortium

Management of the environmental risks at the caisson fabrication yard in Henderson.  360 Environmental were involved during the set-up of the yard, and first months of caisson fabrication, which were destined for the LNG jetty at Barrow Island.

  • Gorgon Project – LNG Jetty and Marine Structures Contract, Henderson Fabrication Yard

Environmental Coordination for the Saipem Leighton Consortium’s contract to fabricate, mobilise and construct the LNG Jetty and associated structures for the Gorgon Project. This involved the planning for environmental management to Chevron standards at a caisson fabrication yard in Henderson, rock-load-out facility in Dampier, steel fabrication yards in South-East Asia, the jetty site on Barrow Island and a fleet of over 50 international and domestic vessels and barges.

  • Holcim – Environmental and Quarantine Management

360 Environmental provides assistance to Holcim, a lead supplier of cement and aggregates to Barrow Island, in the planning and management of quarantine and environmental aspects relevant to the Supply of Concrete Contract. We have assisted Holcim conduct its operations on Barrow Island in an environmentally appropriate manner and to support supply operations departing from mainland Australia and to enable Holcim to meet its contractual agreements with Chevron and the Kellogg Joint Venture.

As part of the concrete contract quarantine requirements, 360 Environmental has provided the following Quarantine support to Holcim:

  • Authorship of quarantine management documentation (plans and procedures) for the supply of materials and personnel to Barrow Island.
  • On-site preliminary assessment of quarries to provide sand and aggregate to Barrow Island.
  • Development and delivering of contract specific quarantine training for Holcim staff, subcontractors and suppliers.

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