Forrestfield-Airport Link: Pre-clearing Works

Perth Transport Authority

The Forrestfield-Airport Link project is being developed to provide improved interconnectivity between the eastern suburbs of Perth, aviation hubs and the Perth CBD. The project comprises an extension of the Perth rail network from east of Bayswater Station to the eastern suburb of Forrestfield. The majority of the rail line will be constructed underground within tunnels.

The Public Transport Authority engaged 360 Environmental Pty Ltd (360 Environmental), in partnership with MACA Civil, to clear the Forrestfield Station Precinct to allow for the relocation of underground services and subsequent construction works.  State approval was gained for the project on 13 November 2015 (Ministerial Statement 1022).


Environmental Constraints

The Site, located in High Wycombe, included 1.6 ha of the Threatened Ecological Community ‘Banksia attenuata woodland over species rich dense shrublands’ and specimens of the Declared Rare Flora species Conospermum undulatum.  The Site also supported a population of Southern Brown Bandicoots (Isoodon obesulus).



Translocation of Declared Rare Flora

360 Environmental completed 2 stages of translocation of the C. undulatum plants ahead of clearing, under separate ‘Permits to Take’ from the Department of Parks and Wildlife, as follows:

  • The collection of seed and cuttings and the subsequent propagation of the cuttings; and
  • The removal and culture of the adult plants (prior to subsequent replanting at a separate site).

Relocation of Native Fauna

360 Environmental undertook a native fauna trapping and relocation programme ahead of clearing using Cage traps, Elliott traps, Pitfall trap lines and Drift fence (flywire) with pitfall traps and funnel traps.

In addition to the trapping programme undertaken prior to the clearing of vegetation, 360 Environmental set cage traps during the initial stages of clearing in an attempt to capture more Southern Brown Bandicoots.



240 cuttings were obtained from the Conospermum undulatum plants within the Site.  These cuttings are being propagated at the nursery.


Twenty-one Conospermum undulatum plants were removed from the Site and are being cared for at a separate nursery.  Several of the translocated plants are showing signs of re-sprouting.


Over the trapping programme nine species were captured including two species of frog, six species of reptile and two species of mammal.   During the three nights of additional trapping, completed as an addition to the original scope, a total of six Bandicoots (Plate 4) were captured and released to Mundy Regional Park.


Clearing of the Site was completed on 7 December 2015, with strict mulch and topsoil management procedures implemented to preserve the value of these resources for future use.

Please contact Michelle Rhodes on 93888360 for more information.

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