Ichthys LNG Project

Ertech Geomarine

The Browse Basin contains some of Australia’s largest gas and condensate fields and covers approximately 140 000 square kilometres. The Ichthys Field is located in the Browse Basin approximately 220km off the coast of Western Australia and 820 kilometres south-west of Darwin.  It covers an area of around 800 square kilometres and is made up of two reservoirs.

The Ichthys Field represents the largest discovery of hydrocarbon liquids in Australia in 40 years, estimated at more than 500 million barrels.  The onshore Ichthys LNG plant in Darwin will be like a giant refrigeration unit, cooling the gas to LNG, for efficient transport.

INPEX is running the overall LNG project and have subcontracted Ertech Geomarine to complete the earthworks for the Gas Export Pipeline GEP Shore approach. 360 Environmental provided on-site support for the Darwin onshore pipe crossing project.

Major earthworks are for an open trench 460m long through woodlands and salt flats as well as a 500m sheet-piled cofferdam through mangrove communities which meets up with the dredged portion at Darwin Harbour.  The earthworks involves clearing vegetation, construction of temporary work roads, office complex, ASS treatment & storage area and confined retention basin.  360 Environmental’s responsibilities are to ensure compliance with the Northern Territory EPA approved management plans for the earthworks.

The main environmental challenges were from excavation, managing treatment and testing for highly acid sulphate soil material at a rate in excess of 1000m3/day. 360 Environmental utilised offshore disposal through slurry pumping and transfer to a dredger and split hopper barge.

Other responsibilities included waste and hazmat management, spill response, incident investigations, client liaison, environmental inspections, erosion and sediment control, surface water monitoring, soil sampling and material tracking.

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