The Perron Group

The Perron Group is developing 62 hectares of land located on Armadale Road, Banjup for residential purposes and commissioned 360 Environmental to gain Federal and State environmental approvals for the development.

The site has mostly been used as a brickworks and for sand mining which had resulted in the clearing of nearly all of the development area. An area of native vegetation was not historically cleared and has been mapped as part of a Bush Forever Site. The site contains a portion of a Resource Enhancement Wetland. Past land uses have impacted on the condition of the site.

360 Environmental identified the key environmental considerations as:

  • Impacts from previous land uses;
  • Vegetation retention and management;
  • Retention of a Resource Enhancement Wetland
  • The relocation of threatened flora (C. huegelii); and
  • The mapping of the Priority 2 Jandakot Underground Water Pollution Control Area (UWPCA) (gazetted WRC3300-01) beneath the site.

360 Environmental:

  • Produced an Environmental Assessment Report (EAR)
  • Referred the project to the Federal Department of Environmental under the EPBC Act, 1999
  • Performed targeted searches for flora of conservation significance and documented the presence of all records;
  • Assessed and mapped vegetation condition; and
  • Undertook targeted searches for Threatened Ecological Communities.

The development proposal was referred to the Federal Department of Environmental and the project attracted a “not a controlled action” level of assessment.

Impacts from past land uses include leakages of fuels which will be remediated and the site appropriately classified under the Contaminated Sites Act 2003.

Regionally significant native vegetation and Threatened flora species present on the site are to be retained and appropriately managed in the long term thus improving the environmental status of the site.

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