360 Environmental Work Health & Safety Group offer a wide range of Workplace Occupational Hygiene services and management solutions for our clients within the Defence sector, including contamination remediation, hazardous material assessment and management, baseline biological studies and environmental impact assessment.  We have significant experience with both assessing and monitoring potential hazards in the workplace such as asbestos, air quality, hazardous substances, mould, dust and vapour exposure.   Our Occupational Hygiene team includes a Certified Occupational Hygienist and has over 60 years combined operational experience.

Occupational Health and Hygiene must be managed effectively in the workplace by monitoring hazardous agents such as noise,  vibration and atmospheric contaminants is vital to the protection of worker health and ensuring the quality of the occupational environment.  Our workplace services extend across WA and include delivering monitoring programs, exposure assessment, risk management and training services inclusive of:

  • Occupational hygiene monitoring programs including airborne dust, vapour, fibre, diesel particulate matter and welding fumes
  • Noise Surveys and Noise Management Plans
  • Asbestos Management Services including inspection, remediation project management and clearance inspections
  • Hand Arm and Whole-Body Vibration assessment
  • Thermal comfort assessments
  • Lighting assessments
  • Indoor air quality
  • Mould investigation and management
  • Microbiological risk and water quality
  • Odour investigations
  • Hazardous Materials Surveys and Auditing
  • Surface Ventilation Officers, Surface Ventilation Technicians and registered DMIRS samplers
  • Accredited Noise Officers
  • Health and Hygiene Management Plans (HHMP)
  • Fibrous Minerals Management Plans
  • High Impact Function (HIF) Auditing
  • Respiratory protection fit testing
  • Hearing protection fit testing
  • Training

We would be pleased to provide further information, contact us on 08 9388 8360.