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360 Environmental’s Leadership Group plays an integral role in the continued success of the company. They hold responsibility for the operational management of 360 Environmental, supervising and supporting the technical and administrative staff to ensure both our clients needs and organisational values are met.  Key responsibilities include client support, day-to-day management and ongoing mentoring of 360 team members, resourcing, implementation of 360 Environmental’s Strategic Plan, business development and marketing. Our Leadership Group has a wealth of experience and share a passion for the work they do in the environmental consultancy sphere.

In addition to the Leadership Group listed below, Board members Michelle Rhodes, Tamara Smith and Scott Bird form an integral part of the Leadership Group.

Team Leaders

Felicity Jones
Felicity Jones
Felicity Jones has been involved in biological research, monitoring and surveys, together with project environmental management in Western Australia since 2002. Her consulting experience began with fauna surveys and impact assessment, which led naturally into approvals and stakeholder management when she joined 360 Environmental in 2007 as lead author and studies manager for the approvals documentation to support a State-level infrastructure project.

As well as the ‘front-end’ of projects (scoping, pre-feasibility, impact assessment and approvals), Felicity has been involved with construction, fabrication, operation and decommissioning/closure projects across the infrastructure and resources sectors. This has included work on the Concrete Supply Contract and LNG Jetty Construction Contract for Gorgon, as well as work for iron ore and gold miners (majors, mid-tier, juniors and explorers).

Felicity joined the Leadership Group in mid-2008, with her core focus being State-level projects and continued development of 360 Environmental’s biological survey capability. Felicity is currently Group Leader for the Approvals, Strategy and Compliance Group at 360 Environmental, as well as the Environmental and Biological Services Group.

Felicity’s areas of expertise include:

  • Project Environmental Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (State and Federal level)
  • Environmental and Quarantine Management Plans/Systems
  • Offset planning
  • Technical/Peer Review of technical reports for compliance with Project, Client and Regulator requirements
  • Regulator and stakeholder liaison
  • Terrestrial fauna surveys, monitoring and translocations
Julie Palich
Julie Palich
Julie has over 20 years’ experience in the environmental and mining industries. Julie specialises in hydrogeochemical and hydrogeologic modelling of soil/water interactions to predict water quality impacts and potential risks to human health and ecological receptors, particularly in environments where heavy metals or nutrients are the key contaminants. Additionally, Julie has extensive experience with all stages of contaminated sites assessments within the mining, industry, and urban development sectors. Julie’s contaminated site assessment experience includes project management, field supervision, integrated multidisciplinary data interpretation and reporting, development of site environmental management plans and the remediation and validation of contaminated soil and water.

Julie is also a proficient environmental program/project manager having extensively worked with on-site and executive management teams in the development and implementation of environmental management plans, compliance auditing of site environmental management systems and license requirements, and developing risk-based environmental monitoring frameworks to enable optimization of environmental expenditures. She has acted at the client’s environmental expert on numerous development projects to identify and mitigate environmental risks that may pose a fatal flaw in project development and worked with executive risk management teams to identify cost-effective and appropriate risk mitigation strategies.

Julie’s technical expertise is augmented by a Masters of Business Administration, which provides her the additional appreciation of the business drivers of her clients and in turn works closely with her clients to develop strategic, pragmatic solutions to their environmental issues. Julie manages all aspects of project process including identifying business opportunities, guiding the delivery of high quality project deliverables, and facilitating a harmonious and integrated team environment.

Julie joined the leadership group in 2018, with a core focus on building highly skilled team of technical soil and water specialists who deliver “best for client” services. Julie Palich is the current group leader of the Soil, Water and Air Assessment group at 360 Environmental.

Garreth Walker
Garreth Walker
Garreth Walker is the Principal Consultant and Group Leader of 360 Environmental’s Hazardous Materials Group. His background in occupational hygiene and the project management of asbestos consultancy services has provided him with highly developed skills that are applied to client projects.

Garreth has over eleven years’ consultancy experience in the fields of asbestos/hazmat and occupational hygiene projects. He has worked extensively throughout Australia, the UK, S.E. Asia and China in the fields of asbestos management and has supported national and global companies in reducing risks associated with the introduction of asbestos to supply chains. He has worked closely with various regulatory bodies at a state and national level.

Garreth provides Clients with appropriate risk management communication strategies to effectively manage risk, particularly where the unfortunate inadvertent importation of asbestos has occurred. He focuses on minimising associated project delays by providing appropriate and effective asbestos remediation project management.

Garreth has undertaken and managed a wide range of occupational hygiene programs and investigations. These works have included offshore noise surveys, Lead Management and Remediation, Chemical Processing Health Risk Assessments with baseline Air Contaminant Investigations and a range of Indoor Air Quality Assessments.

Scott Walker
Scott Walker
Scott Walker has been actively working in the Natural Resources Industry for 20 years and has been fortunate to have worked in some amazing locations throughout Australasia. Working as a scientific research officer, principal ecologist and a business/project manager has allowed Scott to be involved in a large array of interesting and innovative projects. Scott has led many major biological surveys and developed and refined a whole range of ecological field experience and practices, including data collection, processing, analysing and management. He is also experienced and knowledgeable in field techniques and procedures including surveying for terrestrial flora and fauna species in particular species of conservation significance. His work and studies in plant physiology has developed his skills and passion for mangrove ecology and groundwater dependent ecosystems.

Scott then undertook external business and project management training through his MBA. His ability to win contracts and sustain a business unit whilst still implementing innovative scientific processes has allowed him to progress in the environmental consulting industry. Scott manages all aspects of project process plus promoting, facilitating and maintaining a harmonious and functional working group that is focused on delivering quality ‘on time, on budget’.

Scott’s management style is very open yet focused and believes in being available to provide clear leadership and guidance. His leadership skills involve sharing knowledge, mentoring junior staff and being very approachable plus providing direction and guidance to the team so that business goals, values and targets are met.

In 2017 Scott joined 360 Environmental as the Group Leader of the Environmental and Biological Services Group. His core focus is to build a sustainable team of highly skilled botanists, zoologists and ecologists that have a passion for delivering scientific excellence and environmental outcomes that meet client’s needs.
Scott’s areas of expertise include:

  • Biological surveys, assessments and monitoring
  • Mangrove ecology and groundwater dependent ecosystems
  • Drone technology and capture of high resolution imagery for vegetation monitoring
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Plant physiology and water relations
  • Terrestrial flora and fauna surveys
  • Environmental management plans
  • Project and business management
  • Statistical analysis
Kristy Chandler
Kristy Chandler
Kristy Chandler is an experienced environmental engineer with a background in urban and rural drainage design, water and flood management, hydrological assessment and hydraulic modelling. She has eighteen years’ experience undertaking a range of broad-scale and highly detailed water studies, drainage design input, and liaising with stakeholders to prepare plans and strategies.

Kristy graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2000 with a Bachelor of Engineering, and started her career as a development officer with the Department of Agriculture Western Australia specialising in engineering options for rural water management. She has since spent a number of years working internationally on a range of drainage and infrastructure design, environmental impact assessment and water management studies for both the government and private sector. She has specialist knowledge and expertise in rural and urban flood risk and drainage, hydrological assessment, 1Dand 2D hydraulic modelling, water management plans, and salinity management.

As well as her technical expertise, Kristy has a Bachelor of Commerce and practical experience in business development, team leadership, and project management. Her mix of technical and management expertise allows her to follow a flexible and pragmatic approach to problem solving.

Kristy is a strong advocate for environmental engineering excellence. She is professional member of the Institution of Engineers Australia, and has been an active member on various committees for fifteen years. Her roles include Honorary Treasurer for the Engineers Australia UK Division, Chairperson of the Hydrology and Water Resources Panel of Western Australia, and Chairperson of the Water Sensitive Urban Design Conference / Hydropolis 2018 (Perth Feb 2018). Kristy currently sits on the Engineers Australia Hydrology and Water Resources Panel (WA) and is fully up to date with the recent changes to Australian Rainfall and Runoff.

Kristy recently joined the Leadership Group with a focus on continuing to build the Water Assessment and Management team and capability within the business.

Serena Ooi
Serena Ooi
Serena Ooi is the Finance Manager and Group Leader of 360 Environmental’s Business Services Group.

She has over eleven years’ experience in audit and accounting locally and internationally in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

She is a Chartered Accountant who graduated from The University of Sheffield with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Financial Management.