Water Management

Water management is a key consideration for all infrastructure projects both in terms of direct (drainage, dewatering) and indirect impacts (upstream and downstream environments) to the water cycle. 360 Environmental can provide specialised advice in the development of water management strategies and the completion of supporting hydrological/hydraulic studies to mitigate these impacts and meet regulatory requirements.

360 Environmental has substantial experience in the development of water management strategies and hydrological studies through the entirety of a life’s project, including during the planning, preliminary design, detailed design, construction and post-development phases. These studies are undertaken for regulatory approval and to support engineering designs.

At preliminary project stages, 360 Environmental can prepare desktop hydrological and hydrogeological assessment which are based on regional datasets and are undertaken to determine opportunities and constraints for proposed infrastructure. These studies are often supported by field investigations such as groundwater level and water quality monitoring to identify potential impacts on significant environmental features.

During the design and environmental approval process for large infrastructure projects, 360 Environmental can provide specialised advice in the development of management strategies and conceptual designs that assist in mitigating potential impacts on the water cycle. Water management strategies are prepared to provide guidance to the internal project team and to demonstrate to regulators that potential impacts have been considered and are being mitigated. We routinely prepare a range of management plans including: Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCP), Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP), Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMP), Stormwater Management Plans (SMP) and Water Quality Management Plans (WQMP).

360 Environmental has extensive experience in the design, sample collection, data assessment and reporting associated with compliance groundwater and surface water monitoring programs undertaken both during and post-construction phases, to ensure management strategies are being implemented and performed as recommended.

Water management is generally based on site specific hydrological and hydrogeological investigations. 360 Environmental regularly undertake design of conceptual drainage systems including drainage infrastructure sizing, 1D and 2D flood modelling, water balance modelling, water quality modelling, and runoff and flow estimates. We are fully up to date with best practice guidelines, including the recent updates to Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR 2016).

360 Environmental is experienced in the application of groundwater abstraction licenses to support construction activities, the design and construction of groundwater abstraction bores, dewatering and drawdown impact assessments and preparation of associated management plans, test pumping for the determination of sustainable bore yields, aquifer parameters, and the supervision of bore rehabilitation.

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