Water Management

The resource industry is a water intensive industry that impacts significantly on the total water cycle. 360 Environmental can provide specialised advice on the development of management strategies and the completion of supporting hydrological studies to mitigate these impacts.

360 Environmental has substantial experience in the development of water management strategies and hydrological and hydrogeological studies in support of resource projects. These studies have been undertaken for regulatory approval and to support engineering designs during preliminary and detailed phases.

360 Environmental staff are experienced in the completion of water related environmental approvals for the Pilbara and Goldfields. The Western Australian Water in Mining Guideline is used to ensure the water approvals process aligns with the EPA and DMP’s approvals process, and ensures that all water aspects are considered during mine planning, as part of the licence assessment process.

360 Environmental is proficient in providing management solutions for groundwater discharge, applying for dewatering and water abstraction licenses to support mining applications, performing licence compliance water monitoring and associated data analysis and reporting, and has a strong knowledge of the groundwater aquifers and systems across Western Australia. In addition, 360 Environmental has a strong professional working relationship with the Department of Water, as the lead agency for the regulation of water resources in mining.

Water management is based on desktop and site specific hydrological and hydrogeological investigations. 360 Environmental regularly undertakes 1D floodplain modelling, high level water balance modelling, runoff and flow estimates, geomorphology assessments of waterways, and conceptual drainage systems designs.

360 Environmental has experience in groundwater resource evaluation and development for prospective mines, mine expansions and rail duplications, water quality appraisals, source protection management, borehole test pumping and analysis,and supervision of drilling and  bore rehabilitation.

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