Urban Water Management

Total water cycle management, including stormwater management systems, water efficiency programs and protection of receiving environments, is a key component of the land development planning and approval process in Western Australia, requiring integration with environmental, planning, engineering and landscaping practices.

360 Environmental has substantial experience in the development of urban water management strategies, both in rural and metropolitan locations across Western Australia. Our water team of qualified professional engineers and scientists are experienced in all aspects of stormwater management and drainage, water efficiency programs, wastewater disposal systems (non-sewered effluent disposal), groundwater control, and protection of receiving environments.

Development of urban water management strategies is guided by several key documents, including Better Urban Water Management (WAPC, 2008), State Planning Policy 2.9 Water Resources (WAPC, 2006) and the Stormwater Management Manual (DoW, 2004-2007). 360 Environmental staff contributed to the development of the latter document.

360 Environmental routinely prepare urban water management documents in support of various stages of planning, including District Water Management Strategies (DWMS) (District Structure Plan), Local Water Management Strategies (LWMS) (Local Structure Plan) and Urban Water Management Plans (UWMPs) (Subdivision).

In hydrologically constrained sites, our team can assist with the additional assessment and reporting requirements such as Biophysical Assessments, Foreshore Management Plans (FMP), Ecological Water Requirement Assessments, Flood Risk Management Plans, Coastal Inundation and Flood Risk Assessments, Land Capability Assessments, Site and Soil Evaluations, Lake Management and Advice, Living Stream Design, River Restoration, and Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR). Along with these formal documents, 360 Environmental is experienced in the completion of due diligence investigations.

In developing these documents 360 Environmental can undertake supporting hydrological, hydrogeological and water quality investigations to determine the opportunities and constraints for water management. These investigations range from desktop assessments through to detailed site investigations. 360 Environmental has extensive experience in the design, sample collection, data assessment and reporting associated with compliance groundwater and surface water monitoring programs undertaken both during and post-construction phases, to ensure management strategies are being implemented and performed as recommended.

360 Environmental has extensive experience with hydraulic, hydrological and water quality modelling as well as spatial analysis to determine conceptual stormwater management systems for land developments. 360 Environmental can provide specialised advice on the assessment of dewatering and drawdown impact assessments and in the preparation of associated management plans.

A key aspect to preparation of urban water management documents is ensuring strategies and plans are prepared in conjunction with the objectives of other disciplines. 360 Environmental has considerable experience working with engineering, landscaping and planning consultants to provide sustainable water management solutions.

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