360 Environmental is committed to developing and implementing innovative, holistic solutions for Mine Closure with our clients. We have the capacity to plan, implement, manage and monitor Mine Closure Plans from inception to relinquishment in consistency with the Department of Mines Guidelines for Mine Closure (2011).

360 Environmental has the capacity to provide the following mine closure services including:

  • Life of project waste recycling – investigation of renewable waste disposal options to reduce operating costs, retain biophysical resources on site and contribute to rehabilitation substrates;
  • Waste containment landform design – characterising, handling, emplacing and containing wastes for stable permanent slopes and design and construction of permanent landscape features in the context of the natural environment;
  • Plant and infrastructure decommissioning and asset recycling and disposal;
  • Facilitated ecosystem reconstruction including:
  • Landscape function analysis – to enable the identification of functional constraints and opportunities of site specific ecosystems;
  • Revegetation solutions, seed management (collection, storage, use) in the context of the site specific vegetative environment; and
  • Assisted faunal recolonisation – investigation of key invertebrate fauna that facilitate linkage between physical and biological ecosystem function.
  • Monitoring of rehabilitation to facilitate innovative and cost-effective rehabilitation outcomes and ensure mine closure criteria are met.

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