360 Environmental can provide expert advice and regulatory compliance for all aspects of rehabilitation and landscaping for your urban and commercial land development projects. This includes the revegetation of areas cleared for land development projects or areas to be developed as offsets to facilitate environmental approval.

360 Environmental prepares Revegetation and Landscape Management Plans, Wetland Rehabilitation plans and undertakes revegetation works in compliance with the conditions of land development approvals. Revegetation can be used as a proactive measure, to improve water ways, wetland buffers and aesthetics. 360 Environmental’s has proven project management experience in all aspects of rehabilitation activities including revegetation design, preparation (earthworks), mulching, seeding and planting, weed control and monitoring and reporting.

We have demonstrated leading-edge thinking with the Federal Department of the Environment regarding offsets and re-vegetation and may be able to assist you to improve the bottom line and schedule for your development.

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