Project Environmental Management

360 Environmental has extensive experience in the management of approvals, permitting and compliance ranging from large to small-scale resources projects.  Along with the formal Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) a number of approvals may be required prior to clearing activities and ground disturbance commencing.  Assessment under the Mining Act 1978 is required for mining projects not subject to formal impacts assessment under the Environmental Protection Act 1986.

The various Western Australian legislation applicable to each case is dependent on the level of impact, the natural resources and attributes of the site, underlying tenure of the site and previous approval and legislation applicable (e.g. State agreement acts).

The major regulatory departments who deal with permitting and approvals may include (but not limited to): Department of Mines and Petroleum, Department of Environment Regulation, Department of Water, Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Department of Parks and Wildlife.  360 Environmental has extensive experience in liaising with these Departments, and our staff includes many ex regulatory personnel competent in these regulatory processes and requirements.

360 Environmental can assist with the following approvals; 

Environmental Protection Act 1986, Part IV approvals including: 

  • Works approvals.
  • Operating licenses.
  • Vegetation Clearing Permits.

Mining Act 1978 approvals including:

  • Mining Proposals.
  • Mine Closure Plans.

Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 approvals including:

  • EPBC referrals.
  • Controlled action management plans.

Rights in Water Irrigation Act 1914 approvals including:

  • Licence to take water (s5C).
  • Licence to construct or alter a well (s26D).
  • Licence to interference or obstruction of the bed and banks of a watercourse or wetland (11/17/21A permit).
  • Dewatering and water management plans.

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