Environmental offsets can be a valuable tool for mitigating environmental impacts, and are becoming increasingly prevalent for environmental decision making by both state and federal environmental agencies. 360 Environmental has considerable expertise in sourcing, and justifying the suitability of environmental offsets for a range of development projects and environmental impacts.

360 Environmental understands the objectives and decision making process of environmental agencies in respect to the determination and application of appropriate offsets for development projects. Offset requirements are dependent on the likely level of environmental impacts that will result from the development, and can vary on the basis of which species may be impacted and the conservation status of the environment. Offset objectives and the process for calculating offsets can also be different between agencies.

As a result there is often little certainty around offset requirements, which can result in unexpected costs and delays to the project.  360 Environmental understands these concerns and staff are experienced in determining impacts and offset requirements up-front with a high degree of accuracy to inform project planning.

360 Environmental has considerable experience in the preparation of offset strategies and reporting, and ongoing negotiation and liaison with relevant assessment agencies to obtain an outcome that benefits the environment, and meets the clients’ objectives for the project.

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