Mine Closure & Rehabilitation

Under the Mining Rehabilitation Fund Act 2012, it is compulsory for all Mining Act 1978 tenement holders to register and report disturbance data (June 2014 was the first levy period).

The Mining Rehabilitation Fund (MRF) has been developed as a pooled fund which is levied according to the environmental disturbance existing on a tenement at an annual reporting date.  The Mining Rehabilitation Fund Act 2012, which provides the framework for the Fund, was enacted in 2012.  All tenement holders operating on Mining Act 1978 tenure (with the exception of tenements covered by State Agreements), will be required to report disturbance data and contribute annually to the Fund. The MRF replaces environmental bonds as of the 1 July 2014, when MRF reporting is compulsory.  

The Minister for Mines and Petroleum recently stated that “the relinquishment of bonds will assist companies in freeing up funds that have otherwise been tied up.”

Tenements with a rehabilitation liability estimate below a $50,000 threshold will be required to report disturbance data, but will not be required to make payment to the Fund.  As of June 2014 tenement holders will be required to report disturbance data from the Levy Period 1 July to 30 June for the year.  

Tenement holders will be required to ‘self-assess’ the disturbance data for the each tenement(s) they own including the type of disturbance and the area in hectares for the disturbance reported upon. 

360 Environmental and MRF

360 Environmental’s capabilities range from calculation of MRF liability to data capture.  We provide services in the following areas:

  • Calculation of MRF liability
  • Data capture capabilities
  • Mapping tenement disturbances and has capacity to map multiple types of disturbance across individual or multiple tenements
  • Provide mapped data to show lack of disturbance in areas where applicable.
  • On-site field assessments by qualified environmental professionals for small-medium scale projects
  • Digitization of hardcopy historical development plans to estimate disturbance and land use types
  • Assessments of disturbance areas through the capture and/or use of aerial photography.
  • Disturbance area mapping (disturbed land, land under rehabilitation and rehabilitated land, following DMP approval)
  • Rehabilitation Management Plan and schedule updates

360 Environmental can assist clients with all reporting requirements under the Mining Rehabilitation Fund Act 2012, and assist with the Annual Reporting requirements under tenement conditions.  

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