Greenhouse and Emissions Management

360 Environmental provides support to resources clients to monitor, assess, validate and report all things carbon.

Our focus is to deliver high quality outcomes for clients using proven and reliable methods, whilst developing and incorporating innovative approaches to challenging and/or costly areas of monitoring, assessment, reporting and mitigation. Such improvements lead to improved environmental understanding, knowledge, increased efficiency and a reduction in costs, in our increasingly carbon constrained economy.

Our team has a diverse range of skills, providing a seamless ability to deliver on a range of projects.  We can help you scope, reduce or offset carbon emissions, validate carbon data or simply understand where the best returns are and assist you to advance sustainability goals. The capability of our team leads to a strategic, timely and transparent service that saves our clients time and money and reduces uncertainty at local, state and federal levels. Our carbon services are summarised:

Measure – we can assist you maintain an energy mass balance and in preparing your carbon inventory and carbon footprint assessments according to meet legislative requirements, such as:

  • National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007
  • National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Regulations 2008
  • National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Measurement) Determination 2008
  • Ozone Protection and Synthetic GHG Management Act 1989
  • Ozone Protection and Synthetic GHG Management Regulations 1995
  • Environmental Protection (NEPM – NPI) Regulations 1998
  • Environmental Protection Act WA 1986

Manage – we can help you manage and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by setting emission reduction targets, planning emission reduction initiatives, and annual monitoring and reporting procedures.

Mitigate – improving the management of energy and greenhouse gas emissions can reduce energy costs.  Energy generation from geothermal, solar or wind sources are supported where possible and our proven experience in the revegetation area, can support you in establishing carbon sinks. We can assist maintain a GHG reduction cost-curve and establish targets and implement projects.

Market – we can help you do something good and talk about it – we can assist you in cost-effectively communicating your environmental efforts and provide a team to liaise with regulatory authorities.

We have an excellent understanding of the assessment and auditing processes including a good repour with various technical experts to ensure that projects, including project reporting, meet regulatory requirements. Without expert advice and guidance, carbon requirements can pose significant legal, time and financial restrictions on industry and failing to address the requirements can result in reputational risks.  We are equipped to assist industry negotiate complex and changing requirements associated with maintaining and complying with the requirements of the carbon market. We can draw upon an extended network of experts in the development, design, construction and project management to ensure carbon opportunities are maximised.

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