Flora and Vegetation

360 Environmental is a Western Australian environmental consultancy which performs flora and vegetation baseline surveys and ongoing monitoring programs for the resource sector.

The Environmental and Biological Services Team at 360 Environmental has extensive technical expertise in botany and rehabilitation. Baseline surveys are conducted by our team of specialists to assist clients with the identification and/or monitoring of botanical values on existing or proposed mining areas.

360 Environmental understands the processes involved in the surveying of a potential mine site and is able to investigate the potential flora and vegetation constraints of the project area by undertaking desktop assessments, reconnaissance surveys and comprehensive Level 2 surveys. We can plan and apply a phased approach to assessing the flora values of the project area, based on the extent of native vegetation that may be cleared and the progression of the mining activities.

360 Environmental has built a good rapport with regulators and stakeholders regarding baseline surveys, monitoring assessments, and peer review studies.

Several of our staff have undertaken flora studies at various mine sites throughout the Pilbara, South West and Eremaean regions, including targeted threatened species surveys. As a result we are familiar with site safety and access procedures.

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