360 Environmental provides expert zoological advice and survey staff for terrestrial, aquatic and marine environments. Our staff have experience in the major bioregions of the state, as well as wider national and international experience and offer full survey capability to service our clients’ needs for fauna assessments, management and advice for all their land development projects.

An understanding of the fauna and habitat within a project’s footprint, as well as its surrounds, is often a critical component of the impact assessment, design and management of a site. Early consideration of the fauna constraints of a site or a project can lead to an increased ability to avoid or mitigate impacts and streamlined assessment process.

In Western Australia, impacts to fauna and their habitat are considered in impact assessments under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 and theWildlife Conservation Act 1950 (WC Act). Threatened and endangered fauna are protected at the federal level by theEnvironment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) as matters of ‘national environmental significance’.

360 Environmental provides expert advice and technical support to land development clients. Our fauna capabilities contribute to approval strategies and schedules, referrals, management plans and ancillary activities to the necessary regulators.

360 Environmental has a team of qualified and experienced zoologists who work with experienced project managers to provide a comprehensive fauna management service, from presence-absence surveys to detailed technical studies for state and federal regulatory assessment, approval and compliance management.

Our team provides specific and demonstrated capabilities in the following areas:

  • Terrestrial & Aquatic Fauna Surveys
  • Level 1 baseline surveys (terrestrial vertebrates); including desktop and ground-truthing reconnaissance surveys
  • Level 2 comprehensive surveys (terrestrial); including target surveys for threatened species (e.g. Graceful Sun Moth, Black Cockatoos, Western Ringtail Possums)
  • Invertebrate fauna; including stygofauna, troglofauna and  short range endemic surveys (SRE)
  • Marine surveys; including onshore components (e.g. marine turtles), offshore components (e.g. marine mammals) & threatened species
  • Fish & fisheries surveys; including fisheries habitat assessment
  • Shorebird surveys
  • Marine Mammal Observers
  • Monitoring, Modelling and Management
  • Long term population monitoring
  • Fauna management plans (terrestrial, aquatic & marine); including plans for threatened species
  • Fisheries management plans

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*Images Courtesy of Colin Trainor

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