Environmental Management Plans

The Land Development team at 360 Environmental is experienced in authorising and implementing environmental management plans (EMPs). A proponent may be required, to demonstrate the proposed development is managed in an environmentally responsible manner. EMPs identify potential impacts, describe management techniques and outcomes to avoid or mitigate impacts and measure environmental performance.

Environmental Management Plans include:

  • Project commitments made in Referral Documents and Ministerial Statements
  • Environmental objectives that describe what is intended to be achieved for each environmental issue
  • Contractor’s responsibilities
  • Principal responsibilities
  • Compliance criteria and key performance indicators and responsibilities
  • Specifications that provide a technical description of the activities required under the contract to ensure responsibilities are met.

EMPs tailored to identify and meet proponents’ environmental approval requirements and can be aligned with corporate environmental management systems and policies. The EMPs detail specifications and procedures covering site requirements, necessary licences and approvals.

EMPs, along with audit outcomes, can be used to demonstrate a clients successful management and mitigation of environmental impacts and provide evidence of environmental compliance.

360 Environmental staff have demonstrated experience in the authoring and review EMPs from both regulatory and industry perspectives.

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