Environmental Health

Organisations are faced with challenges in the management of environmental health risk and impacts to public amenity that their industrial, commercial and civil operations may present. Environmental health is also increasingly relevant to stakeholders engaged in land development as the demands of land-use planning increase. Environmental health impacts associated with dust, asbestos, noise, vibration and other problematic concerns including odour release and effluent disposal are subject to local, state and federal legislative requirements.

360 Environmental offer a range of specialist Environmental Health services for our clients:

Public health and amenity

  • Air Quality
  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Water Quality
  • Odour Investigations
  • Contamination
  • Asbestos

Industrial, Commercial and Land Development

  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs)
  • Demolition Environmental Management Plans (DEMPs)
  • Noise Management Plans
  • Dust Management Plans
  • Asbestos Management Services including inspection, remediation project management and clearance inspections
  • Microbiological Risk Management

360 Environmental has significant experience with both assessing and monitoring environmental health risks and associated impacts on public amenity.

Our team includes Principal Environmental and Hazardous Materials Consultants, Environmental Scientists, Occupational Hygiene Consultants and Certified Occupational Hygienists.

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