Dredging Environmental Management

360 Environmental can provide clients with environmental advice and management of services on all aspects of dredge planning, monitoring and management.

Sea transport is an important part of Western Australia’s economy. Our ports and harbours will typically require maintenance dredging to maintain shipping channels or capital dredging for expansion. If not managed appropriately, dredging has the potential to impact the surrounding environment. The assessment of re-use and/or disposal options of dredge spoil also requires appropriate analysis to ensure that material removed through dredging works is managed in accordance with appropriate State and Federal environmental guidelines.

360 Environmental can offer a multi-disciplined team to address contemporary marine monitoring requirements, meeting the needs of the Project and the expectations of the community, whilst delivering on excellent environmental outcomes. The marine component of the works may involve:

  • Baseline Studies – Marine Habitat Studies, Sediment Sampling, Benthic Habitat Mapping, Water Quality and Marine Fauna Survey
  • Dredge Monitoring Program and Dredge Environmental Management Plan
  • Coastal Processes Investigations
  • Hydrodynamic modelling e.g. Plume Dispersion Modelling
  • Noise Management and Contamination Investigations.

360 Environmental has an excellent track record in the investigation and management for approvals and monitoring management during and post dredge operations. 360 Environmental recognises the importance of client project planning requirements and strives to provide innovative, situation-specific solutions to address environmental requirements and meet or exceed client expectations.

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