Contaminated Assessment & Management

The redevelopment of brown field sites for infrastructure projects brings with it the risk of contamination issues. Without expert advice and guidance, contamination of land and groundwater can pose significant legal, time and financial restrictions on these projects, along with the risks to the environment and public health. 360 Environmental provides specialised advice to our clients relating to site contamination assessments and remediation to minimise these risks on their infrastructure projects.

360 Environmental applies a strategic approach to site assessment consistent with the Contaminated Site Management Series (2001-2010). 360 Environmental offers a range of services from preliminary site investigations, planning and implementation of remedial and validation services, to coordination with regulatory authorities and procurement of planning approvals. 360 Environmental has an excellent understanding of the Contaminated Sites Act 2003 and the Contaminated Site Management Series (2001-2010) under which contamination assessments are performed, along with an appreciation of the auditing process. We have a good rapport with a number of Contaminated Site Auditors and the Department of Environment Regulation, to ensure that projects, including project planning and reporting, meet regulatory requirements.

360 Environmental and Contamination Assessments and Management

360 Environmental offers a range of services to our infrastructure clients including:

  • Contamination assessment as required for planning approvals
  • Coordination of testing, excavation and disposal of contaminated soil to licensed landfills
  • Assessment and remediation of petroleum impacted sites and facilitation of tank pulls
  • Assessment, remediation and validation for various former industrial sites
  • Assessment and management of asbestos
  • Compliance groundwater monitoring and assessment
  • Sediment sampling and assessment programs
  • Due diligence for pre-purchase assessments
  • Liaison with regulatory authorities
  • Provision of strategic advice.

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