Computer Modelling


Computer modelling tools, techniques and data availability have been improving over time, and now modelling plays an essential role in determining water movement and quality and aid in the decision-making process.

The use of computer models is present in all aspects of water management, contributing to improvements in the quality of life in the urban environment. In this respect, the use of models can help to assess different mitigation options through prediction of consequences. However, no single model can adequately represent all aspects of the catchment environment; therefore, making the right choice for an appropriate modelling technique is a fundamental issue.

360 Environmental Water Team has significant experience in the use of computer models across all phases of the water cycle. Our team members were involved in the development and delivery of many training courses across Asia-Pacific and are involved in educating future engineers in the appropriate use of computer models in water management.

Our approach to modelling is to develop a robust understanding of the physical environment, before any analyses are made which may influence decision-making. We then apply various modelling technologies and work with our clients and stakeholders to help solve their water-related problems. We aim to develop appropriate, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions.

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