Audit & Compliance

360 Environmental auditors are able to provide expert advice with respect to the identification, assessment and management of environmental conditions with a view to improve environmental performance across all resource projects.  360 Environmental offers varying levels of audit:

  • First party audits – carried out by personnel in the workplace where they are responsible for corrective actions
  • Second party audits are carried by suitably qualified independent environmental personnel
  • Third party compliance audits are carried out by qualified auditors
  • Our audit staff are registered under the RABQSA International Certified Environmental Auditor scheme or are qualified Environmental Management Systems auditors (ISO 19011 auditing standard).  Our staff have extensive experience in corporate compliance and audit and have been approved by the Federal Minister for Environment to undertake compliance audits for Approvals of Decisions under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

360 Environmental offers the following types of audit:

  • Due Diligence Audits determine environmental risk and any potential liability associated with a proposal, property divestment/investment or merger
  • Compliance Audits determine compliance with environmental licences, approvals, regulatory requirements, industry codes of practice, company guidelines and environmental policies
  • Environmental Management Audits determine the effectiveness of business planning, management systems, resources and personnel in managing environmental impact of a company’s operations
  • Environmental Management System (EMS) Audits – 360 Environmental auditors are trained to meet the qualification criteria as described in ISO 19011: 2011 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems with the aim of determining performance against the Corporate EMS
  • Environmental Performance Audits – facilities and processes audit to determine efficiency opportunities such as reducing energy usage, reducing waste production, air emissions and optimising resource usage
  • Combined Audits – where a company has particular objectives then a combination of the above audits can be carried out. This is often termed a baseline audit. Action plans can be developed to identify environmental remedial actions required and prioritise these based on criteria developed with the company
  • Contaminated sites audits, under the Contaminated Sites Act 2003 and related legislation (including the Contaminated Sites Regulations 2006) identify, manage and remediate contaminated land. 360 Environmental works with local and interstate certified auditors to undertake this function.

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