Work from Home Tips!

Many people around the world are facing a shift in the ways in which they work. For some people, this means switching the morning commute on the train to a busy city office to rolling out of bed and stumbling into a makeshift at home office.

The team at 360 Environmental have compiled a few of our favourite tips to help you get set up to work from home in order to optimise your productivity!

  • In the morning, make sure you start the day with some movement.
    Even if your usual morning routine didn’t involve hitting the pavement or heading to a gym class at 6am, it sure did involve walking from the car, train or bus to the office. If you are currently rolling out of bed and walking 5 steps to your makeshift desk on the dining room table, you are missing out on valuable minutes of physical activity you would usually get in the morning. Whilst this might seem like no big deal, it’s important to maintain some type of routine and get moving. We’re not medicos, but what about a 20 minute walk before starting the day, or even 5 minutes of stretching while your morning coffee brews. What movement kicks off your day?
  • Work in a room, any room, just not your bedroom.
    Not everyone has the luxury of having a home office – we get it! Whilst the allure of your comfortable bed and perched up pillows might seem like a great place to work, it is vital that your place of work is not the same as your place of rest. We’re finding it important to cognitively divide our houses into work/play/rest areas so you can definitively switch between activities once your work day is over. And – don’t forget your ergonomics people! Lying in bed, even surrounded by plush pillows, is not likely to tick the boxes on any ergonomics check-list.
  • Set up your desk.
    Before you commence working from home (if you haven’t already), set up your desk and test it out. If you’re used to having a stand up desk at work, get creative and stack some boxes on top of your table until you reach your ideal height. If you usually sit at a desk but don’t have one, the end of your dining room table might work perfectly. Make sure you have supplies like pens, paper and a power point at the ready. People with circular dining room tables – look out for your shoulders and neck – you might be reaching further for your mouse, especially if your round table is a small round table…
  • Watch your posture.
    Your ergonomic, posture promoting chair is in the office and well, you’re not. It’s particularly important that you pay attention to your posture to avoid any unnecessary discomfort down the track. Healthy bodies are happy bodies!
  • Stick to a schedule.
    In order to stop the lines from blurring between work time and leisure time, set up a schedule and determine when you’ll be taking a break  throughout the day, and most importantly – remember to stop working and connect to the outside world – even if it is restricted to the virtual world.
  • Prepare healthy snacks.
    In order to avoid walking up to the pantry every half an hour and having a snaccident (accidental inhalation of the entire pantry), prepare your snacks as you usually would prepare your food for the office. If you’re used to buying lunch and snacks every day, a handful of nuts and a few carrot sticks are a great place to begin. What will you be snacking on?
  • Check in with your colleagues.
    Check in with your colleagues throughout the week and see how they’re going with their projects and if there’s anything you can do to help… or just call to say a quick hello!
  • Get some fresh air.
    Remember to get up from your desk and open the window. Breathe.

Whilst your work location may have changed it’s important to view this as a grand opportunity. An opportunity to challenge yourself and work in a new way, be productive as ever, show initiative and fine tune your on-line and self-management skills!

Written by Andrea McLure

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