The Latest Fines for Unauthorised Pollution Events – Are you at risk?

360 Environmental is working closely with clients to make sure that their operations and discharges are properly managed and within the law. We are supporting our clients to gain retrospective approvals for old sites that are currently operating outside of the law, establishing compliance on new sites and maintaining compliance with their current environmental obligations.

If you suspect that your site might be operating outside of the law don’t panic – seek expert advice and certainly don’t wait to have an Environmental Protection Notice imposed on your site. We can put forward a strategy to bring your site into compliance and assist you to consult with the regulator in a cooperative manner.

Part V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 enables operators of prescribed premises to discharge certain amounts of waste and pollutants to the environment, in a controlled manner. For example a concrete batching plant can lawfully discharge dust to the environment, a piggery can discharge solid waste and a cheese factory can discharge waste water. These types of discharges can be facilitated by a Works Approval and Licence under the Act, or a Works Approval and Registration. The Department of Environment Regulation (DER) can impose fines and prosecute individuals and body corporates if discharges are in excess of the limit prescribed in the Licence or Registration, or if they are occurring without an appropriate approval.

Recent Environmental Protection Notices issued by the DER have been in relation to:

  1. Sewage emissions;
  2. Discharge of liquid waste;
  3. Elevated levels of nitrogen in groundwater;
  4. Pollution that has occurred, or is likely to;
  5. Contaminated water entering a natural creek line;
  6. Storage of more than 100 tyres;
  7. Discharges causing the death of native vegetation;
  8. Contamination of the atmosphere with odorous gas and vapours; and
  9. Odour emissions from storm water and wastewater treatment and disposal facilities.

If you think that your facility or operations are not in compliance with the Act please give Michelle or Tamara a call on 08 9388 8360

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