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The Shark Bay Regional Strategy 1997 (SBRS) was prepared to provide a link between State and Local planning for land use and development in the Shark Bay World Heritage property, the Shire’s over the Shark Bay area, and the Carnarvon and Gascoyne regions. The SBRS provides guidance for land, water and resource use/management as well as continued planning and management to protect and enhance World Heritage values.

The recently released “Future Directions for the Shark Bay Regional Strategy” was prepared by the State Government in response to the Gascoyne Coast Sub-regional Strategy (2018) to consider the future directions of the SBRS in the context of planning and development in the area. This paper is currently open for public comment until the 29th March 2019!

Important considerations:

  • Actions contained in the SBRS have been largely completed, substantially progressed or have been superseded by other processes
  • Since the release of the SBRS in 1997, there has been significant advancements in local and regional planning frameworks in the Gascoyne
  • Modern planning instruments have closely considered the SBRS and where there is an overlap between the new instruments and the SBRS, the new instruments generally take precedence effectively superseding the actions of the SBRS.

Read it here: Future Directions of Shark Bay

The Western Australian Planning Commission will consider all feedback received through the public comment period which closes 29th March 2019.

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