The Importance of Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring

Do you have a land development opportunity that you want to progress in the next couple of years?  If so then it’s time to start thinking about groundwater and surface water monitoring. Better Urban Water Management requires all developments to have at least 2 winters of monitoring data (exceptions apply where groundwater is at significant depth). With Winter fast approaching this means now is the time to get those monitoring boreholes in the ground. Starting monitoring in June will ensure you catch the whole winter and can accurately assess how groundwater levels changed, when the peak groundwater level was, if your creeks are dry all year or in fact flow in winter and if there are any water quality concerns that may need to be addressed as part of the planning and design process.

360 Environmental has significant experience designing and installing monitoring wells and a team of five field technicians with extensive experience undertaking water monitoring programs following best practice and all relevant guideline techniques.  This team is backed up by a group of nine office based staff who can analyse the data and provide information on potential constraints to development based on the results.

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