Cyclone Veronica Provides Perfect Conditions for Future Biological Surveys

Cyclone Veronica recently passed through the Pilbara region resulting in widespread rainfall, extreme winds and minor damage. Port Hedland received 356 mm of rainfall over three days (March 24 – 26 2019) resulting in road closures and major flooding in some areas.

As the flooding subsides and the communities get back to normal, this rain will become beneficial to Pilbara vegetation communities and fauna habitats. The long overdue rains will allow the ecological communities to thrive and become abundant with new growth that benefit local fauna.

Understanding ecological diversity is important when undertaking any development in Western Australia and these rains have provided the perfect opportunity to take advantage of understanding such diversity in this region.

Our Ecology Team specialises in flora, vegetation and fauna surveys across Western Australia with the optimal timing for survey being now. Should you require any further information or advice please feel free to give our friendly consultants a call at 360 Environmental as we are always willling to help.

Photo: S.Fox 360 Environmental

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