A Sustainable Site and Soil Evaluation in Western Australia

Are you aware of the requirement recently introduced by the Government Sewerage Policy (GSP) regarding the installation of an on-site wastewater management system as part of your development?

Do you need to install an on-site wastewater management system?

Is your site located within an unsewered area?

If your answer is yes, read on.

A Site and Soil Evaluation (SSE) is an essential report that needs to be prepared for installing on-site wastewater management system in an unsewered area. The GSP outlines the environmental constraints of the site and the required wastewater system to be built.

The Water Team professionals at 360 Environmental are highly experienced in all aspects of managing wastewater and have successfully delivered numerous projects that required an SSE as part of the deliverables. Our motto: Give us your most challenging problem!

Worldwide, there is a growing understanding of the need to deliver smarter, cheaper, more resilient and environmentally sensitive water and wastewater systems. Knowledge on wastewater sourcing, treatment and reuse has been accumulated along with the history of humankind. With progress in wastewater technology in the mid-nineteenth century, sanitary practices emerged following world epidemics where sewage treatment intensified and treatment plants became ordinary parts of the urban landscape.

On-site sewage in Western Australia has resulted in significant health, environmental and amenity issues. On-site sewage management today have specific requirements to abide by to create sustained wastewater treatment and reuse. It is where an SSE comes into play.

What is an SSE?

An SSE is a written report that examines the various aspects of a site concerning sewage collection, treatment and on-site disposal to ensure adequate management over time. The report is prepared under the Government Sewerage Policy, and the Health (Treatment of Sewage and Disposal of Effluent and Liquid Waste) Regulations 1974. It is needed for a site that is not serviced by a water service provider for wastewater disposal.

The objective is to sustainably manage sewage within site, examine the effect on groundwater and surface on the site with their associated public and environmental risk and to recommend the suitable wastewater system to be used finally.

Why and when is an SSE required?

An SSE ensures that: the property is large enough to accommodate an appropriately-sized treatment system land application (irrigation, disposal or reuse) system for the size and location of the development and infrastructure that the property owner wishes to build.

Who needs it?

Individual landowners or developers whose site is not serviced by a water service provider for wastewater disposal require an SSE to be undertaken for developments and subdivisions.

And this is where our Water Team steps in to deliver a successful SSE. A successful SSE will consist of a well written and detailed report together with fieldwork investigations (if needed) undertaken by our very own people.

Should you require an SSE, or an opinion if one is needed, please give one of our team members a call today!
Dragan Tutulic, Water Group Leader – Principal

Written by Varsha Gunness, Environmental Engineer

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