360 Investing in Graduates



At 360 Environmental we believe in investing in the future of graduates by giving them hands on experience and onsite practical knowledge.  Our recent intern, ShuChen Li, gives her insights below and what she experienced working within the Water Team.

“I joined 360 Environmental’s water team as an intern. I completed all my university study with UWA, graduated from the Master of Professional Engineering – Environmental engineering 2019, followed by a UWA Hydrogeology graduate certificate in 2020. I narrowed my professional enthusiasm to water resource management upon finishing my master degree.

The valuable internship experience with 360 Environmental offers me an opportunity to obtain an insight into the urban water management works. I have been exposed to various urban water projects, including practical site works. During my daily work with my team, I learned from the best to analyse clients’ prior needs and present our work efficiently. My learning experience includes but not limited to:

  • The site and Soil evaluation(: A specific SSE contributes to the demonstration of how a sewerage design would serve a new development under the Government Sewerage Policy 2019. A general SSE proposes a sewerage management option for new development.)
  • Nutrient and Irrigation Management Plan(: A NIMP demonstrate the treated high nutrient wastewater is irrigated on the land, meeting the Land Licence requirement.)
  • Water Management Plan(: WMP analyses the water sustainability and efficiency of stormwater management.)
  • Australia Rainfall and Runoff(: ARR guidelines covers practical methods to establish a model for a site to estimate the amount of runoff engineers need to manage and suggest the most efficient stormwater/ rainfall-runoff management strategy.)
  • Flood modelling assessment(: assess how the ARR guideline concepts being applied to a Flood Management strategy Development.)
  • Groundwater monitoring and sampling(: understand the components of safe site work. Use Peri pump to sample groundwater.)

Due to my internship with 360, I aim to further meet my career objective within the water management discipline and better understand different engineer roles and pathways in the industry.

In the next five years, I aim to build my portfolio towards charter. I also expect to be more precise with my area of strength and devote my passion to it.

Of course, a career is important to me, along with everything else in life. I appreciate foods from different cultures, and I’m captivated by exploring how culture shapes its’ people and food. I am also very grateful to have a wonderful and supportive family who share the same joy as me.”

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