Our team offers a multi-disciplined approach to the assessment and management of intensive agribusiness, including piggeries, abattoirs, dairies, feedlots and saleyards.

We have the capacity to provide environmental advice and management through all stages of project delivery including feasibility, design, construction and operation.  With over 15 years of experience in the environmental sector, 360 Environmental has the ability to provide clients with the technical expertise and knowledge required to ensure the optimal delivery, operation and expansion of agricultural projects. Our hands-on approach with an eye on value consistently delivers innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

360 Environmental can work with your agribusiness to deliver the following:

  • Works approvals/ licences/permits/registrations: Approvals to build and operate prescribed activities
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting: including Environmental Protection Notices and enforcement action management
  • Nutrient irrigation management plans: application of wastewater to land
  • Surface and Groundwater modelling
  • Water Balances
  • Surface water and groundwater management: Groundwater monitoring and assessment;
  • Approvals to clear vegetation
  • Asbestos and hazardous material management
  • Contamination assessment and management: Hydrocarbons and testing, excavation and disposal of contaminated soil to licensed landfills
  • Environment Management: Management plans for construction, vegetation, fauna Dieback, weeds
  • Approvals: Referral under Commonwealth EPBC Act and State EP Act
  • Biological surveys: Fauna, Flora and Vegetation Surveys
  • Provision of and advice on Offsets
  • Noise, vibration and dust assessments.

We would be pleased to provide further information, contact us on 08 9388 8360.